Dynasty Keeper Rookie Stash

League: STD Dynasty Keeper - Keep 7 players = 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1Rookie, and 2 Flex.

I’m 2-6 and have been hit hard with injuries (lost Penny, Thomas, & Bateman) and I’m throwing in the towel for the season and have been selling assets. Currently have 3 1st 3 2nd 2 3rds. Trade Davante Adams for a 1st, 3rd, Cooks and James Robinson.

Looking to stash a rookie from Waivers on my bench. Who out of this group would you pick up for potentially next season as a possible keeper, pick 1?

Zamir White
Christian Watson
Kalil Shakir
Tyquan Thorton
David Bell

My projected Keepers right now are

QB Josh Allen
RB AJ Dillon
WR Pittman
TE Friermuth
Rookie Jameson Williams
Flex Sutton
Flex Bateman

I’d trade Dillon if you can. He won’t help you next year.

I would also trade Batemen. A WR on a run-oriented team is a waste.

As for who to pick up, I’d take Zamir White. Josh Jacobs will likely be gone next year.

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Christian Watson for me. Yes, we don’t know who his QB will be next year, but the draft capital justifies stashing him.

Tyquan Thornton could be an option as well, though I don’t expect him to usurp Jakobi Meyers any time soon. Unless the Pats won’t give Meyers no new contract. That would surprise me, but that’s what the Pats do sometimes.

David Bell is another speculative option. If he can build a connection with Deshaun Watson, he could become a solid asset. It’s a long shot, but all those rookies are.

And I do not agree with @edmcgon at all: Zamir White is a bust. I never had high hopes for him to begin with. As a matter of fact, NFL teams do not draft their future RB starter in round 4 or later. And White has shown nothing so far. He sits behind Ameer Abdullah and Brandon Bolden on the depth chart, go figure. The Raiders will either draft a new RB on day 2 next year, or give Jacobs a new contract. But they will not deploy Zamir White as their new starting RB. Not gonna happen.

Where I do agree with Ed: see what you can get for Dillon and Bateman.

Good luck with your rebuild!


Thanks guys for the advice. I am leaning towards Watson due to the draft capital. I agree that White looks like he way have a way of being a starter but if Vegas doesn’t resign Jacobs they will probably draft a RB, if they were going to use White next year he would have more than 5 rushing attempts through 8 weeks.

Won’t get anything for Bateman already tried before he was injured and now that he’s injuried no one will touch him.

Dillon I will wait closer to trade deadline (week 12) maybe give him a couple weeks to improve his trade value.