2 player Keeper League: stash Breece Hall?

.5 ppr start 1 qb, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Fkex (W/R/T )1 DST, 1 K; 10 team league

As my team is presently constructed options include:

Breece Hall 3rd round
Leonard Fournette 4th round

(My other Keeper will likely be Kenneth Walker as 5th Rd)

The question is not only will Breece Hall be worth a 3rd Round pick next year, but will he be worth taking up a roster spot for the rest of this year? Better Keeper Hall in 3rd or Fournette 4th? Or neither and see if I can draft a better player at those spots?

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You are NOT keeping Fournette. You ARE keeping Walker and Hall.

Unless you can grab somebody better off waivers, and assuming you at least have a bench spot to stash Hall in, this is the best way to go. Taking Hall and Walker into next year buys you a championship then.

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Breece Hall was the #6 RB when he went down, and he had a slow start into the season. In weeks 4-6, he averaged 20.2 half-PPR points per game. That average would make him a top 3 RB. He’s young and the injury happened early enough to not bother him too much in 2023.

Fournette will be 28 next year. That’s the age cliff for RBs.

If your league doesn’t offer IR spots, then sacrificing a bench spot for Hall may hurt a little for the rest of the season. But that pain will be gone next year.

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Hall is the choice here. However, as we have seen over the years RBs do not come back as they were after this injury. He is very young and would thin he can but far from sure of it.

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Keep Hall no question