Which keeper at what spot?

12 team super flex league, I can keep Deebo Samuel with my 6th round pick or Rashad Bateman with my 15th round pick. What would you do?

Both risky but Debo the better at the higher cost.

Definitely Bateman.

Deebo is likely to lose most (if not all) of his rushing volume (including the 8 rushing TDs), now that the Niners start a rushing QB. That alone would relegate him to low-end WR1 territory. But he may also lose a portion of his passing volume, as Brandon Aiyuk and rookie Danny Gray seem to be the better for Lance’s passer profile.

I have Deebo at WR#18 this year, just one spot ahead of Bateman. Bateman plays for probably the lowest-volume passing offense in 2022, but has hardly any competition for targets, other than TE Mark Andrews. That should keep him in mid-range WR2 territory.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bateman finishes the season ahead of Deebo, And even if not, he’ll still be close enough to easily justify the 9 round difference.

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I believe it will be the Brandon Aiyuk show in SanFran this year. Deebo would not be a terrible keeper by any stretch of the imagination, but the better value here is Bateman in the 15th.

Ravens have their horses back, will run a lot with Andrews top target. I was not impressed with Bateman and see him as a flex/WR 3 at best.

Shannahan will sort things out or Jimmy G will play and Debo will go off.
I have Debo as a WR 2 at worst and a starter vs flex trumps the cost difference.

In 2021, the Seahawks had the fewest passing attempts in the league (along with the Eagles). They were also the only team to produce 2 borderline fantasy WR1s (Metcalf, Lockett).

The Niners closed the door firmly on Jimmy G. He will not be on their 53 man roster.

Not comparing Bateman to those two with Wilson. We see on G, He should have been long gone but remains.