Best Keeper League Draft Picks

This was a discussion I had with my keeper league at Happy Hour yesterday.
My view was the six #1 pick WR’s, London, Wilson, Burks, Williams (IR), Olave and Dotson. My reasoning is simple:

London, Wilson, Burks and Olave already lead their teams in targets with Dotson making an impact in a crowded WR room. Williams could be the best of all but is getting over injury.

This Kiddie Corps has tremendous talent, are cheap with rookie contracts, have FO’s wanting to show fans they did good and will be given every shot to succeed.

For Fantasy managers in Keeper, they cost nothing going into next year. I got London at 11, Burks at 15 and Williams undrafted.

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I don’t know if you noticed, but most leagues have drafted by now.

This site shows Burks, Dotson and Wilson as 3 of their top 4 waiver targets and available in 60 to 20 % of leagues. The others are also available in some.

Those not understanding this should likely be looking for a different forum,
Perhaps there is a Fantasy Football for Dummies.

WR Jameson Williams (IR) is expected back for the second half of the season in Detroit. He averaged 20 yards per catch with 15 scores at Bama and was the projected #1 WR before the injury.

Also, RB Brian Robinson, the Wash RB who was shot in a robbery attempt is doing well and expecte to be off IR in a couple/three weeks, He won th early downs start and goal lin in preseason and the team fully expects him to be back in that position in a few weeks. Fantasy Pros has him as a top 10 waiver add.

Those who do understand it should probably be looking for another thread, say, “Best Keeper League Waiver Wire Targets.”

My title targets who I want and is none of your concern. Managers who cannot keep players are smart enough to see that these guys are worth a look and create a discussion, Aside from 'lil elfie that is. :slight_smile:

I’ll add the dynasty perspective here, which is similar to keeper.

At this point, I have to add George Pickens to the mix (did you see that catch Thursday night?). Yes, he’s stuck behind Claypool and Johnson, but you have to know that won’t last forever.

Wilson is a super stud, and might even compete for overall WR1 at some point soon, maybe even this season.

No love for Breece Hall? The kid has shown talent in a limited role. I would give him time. He’s a stud RB.

Don’t ignore TE Isaiah Likely. He is the next Tony Gonzalez/Antonio Gates. He is THAT good. Bad situation, but the kid has the best TE potential of anyone, including Kyle Pitts! Yes, I’m going there! Pitts is in year 2, and who had a better week 2? Pitts had 4 PPR fantasy points, and Likely had 8. We can call it situation, or we can call it a one week statistical aberration. It still happened! Ok, you can stop laughing now…

Back to WR’s…

The rest of the guys you mentioned all have potential, and they have shown some. I want to see performance on a consistent basis. Still too early to judge.

I only have him in one dynasty league, but I hold him like gold.

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Pickens does belong and fabulous catch. The WR’s have surprised. It projected as a VG group and the strength of the draft but not the top line talent.

I link Hall to Etienne. He was ranked almost the same, I almost drafted him and I see both as disappointing at this point. Both are top talents and could go off on Sunday.

I picked up 3 of the WR’s on purpose costing nothing. Robinson was almost by accident in wanting to use the IR benefit. Now he is part of the plan.

Same is true on picking up Mitchell on IR. He is only 24, a legit RB2 with #1 potential. Injury worth the small risk. How many feature RB’s can anyone name? And the list is showing age.

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