How much better is Breece Hall?

14-team keeper league.

Very subjective question, but how much better is he than all other rookie options? I was thinking of making a trade offer for the #1 pick in a rookie draft or I could just stick with my #5.

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Given that he’s not even the starter on his own team yet, he can’t be much better than the rookies who ARE starting.

From a pure talent perspective, Hall is the best RB in this year’s rookie class. He is sharing an RBBC with Michael Carter, who was one of the best RB’s in last year’s rookie class.

Ironically, in my main dynasty league, I have Michael Carter and the 1.01 pick. And I am taking Breece Hall.

Hall is significantly better than most of the RB’s in this year’s class, but it is a deeper class than scouts predicted.