14 Team Keeper Questions

Playing traditional PPR format, 14 team league where we keep two. Keeping Diggs in the 4th round but need one more. Options below - Thoughts?

11 round - Christian Kirk
12 round - Derek Carr
14 round - Cole Kmet

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Single QB league, I guess?

Carr may still be my favorite. He’s only a high-end QB2 in my book, so you may still want to look for a better option in the draft. But if you can’t get one, or your other QB gets injured, starting Carr won’t ruin your season.

Kmet isn’t a terrible choice, either, but I think you can get similar TEs in the same round.

Kirk is too risky for me. The chance is there that he will justify an 11th round pick. But even with Doug Peterson, I’m not sure if I trust the Jaguars’ passing offense just yet.

Are you sure you don’t have any better options than those 3?

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Carr is my first choice there too. The Raiders minicamp was a bit more hyped than in previous years under Gruden, with a lot of the hype around Davante Adams. They are loving what he can do, and he like having another team leader around. Carr stands to benefit richly from having his BFF there.

Zak is right about the risk with Kirk.

As for Kmet, I’m not sold on Chicago’s offense, and Kmet strikes me as the kind of TE who needs TD opportunities to make him a TE1 in fantasy. But even if you keep him, his upside only brings him into the second tier TE conversation. Valuable, but not league-winning by itself.

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