12 team Keeper - .5 ppr

12 Teams - lose the round for the player. 3-year max on keeping; automatic 1st rd pick if kept. I pick in spot 7.

Starting lineup is
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE

My best options are Garrett Wilson (9), Mattison (10), K. Walker (7), D. Watson 12, Burrow 6, Tyreek 2, and Jameson Williams 15

I am leaning toward Wilson and either Mattision or Walker. What do you all think? Part of me hates not picking from round 8 until 11 just in case a run occurs.

A run on what, Kickers?

If you only get two, Tyreek and Wilson.

I think you miss the point of the keeper system. There are runs that take place in the mid-rounds on high value/upside players that are 100% worth it for the potential for the next year. TBH, I may able to still get Tyreek in rd 2 depending upon others keepers.

This is just so laughable that I won’t even bother to comment. I’ll just leave it here for the entertainment of others.

Did you miss that Wilson is a 9th round keeper? Mattison is 10. There are guys in there to target. Yeah, you and I aren’t going to see eye to eye at all.

Sure, that’s why they get drafted there, and not in the 16th round.

But to say that a run of 7th-8th round targets occurred in the 7th-8th rounds sounds kind of silly, don’t you think?

He doesn’t play, does not know any better. Just ignore him. I would g Wilson and Mattison.

Or ignore the guy who pretends to have never heard of Axe Elf before.

Your call.

I guess Sobe never had a nanny to sing him to sleep like all the other children, but for decades now, toddlers have drifted off to the refrains of…

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