So Be Keeper 8 Draft Order

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Round 1

  1.  TFK
  2.  South Beach ...
  3.  Village Glen...
  4.  Georgia Rednex
  5.  Los Sicarios
  6.  Kloriven
  7.  Scruffy City...
  8.  El Caminos
  9.  Kenneth's Ge...
  10. D's Definiti...
  11. Manny Fernan...
  12. Jarrod's Not...

I love and hate #2. Great to get JJ or Robinson but miss the cream of the 2nd with pick #23. I will make do. :slight_smile:

Congrats to TFK for the #1 pick.

  1. Justin Jefferson, MIN – WR1 (Age: 24-2)
  2. Ja’Marr Chase, CIN – WR2 (Age: 23-6)
  3. Bijan Robinson, ATL – RB1 (Age: 21-7)
  4. Jonathan Taylor, IND – RB2 (Age: 24-7)
  5. Breece Hall, NYJ – RB3 (Age: 22-3)
  6. CeeDee Lamb, DAL – WR3 (Age: 24-4)
  7. Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET – WR4 (Age: 23-10)
  8. Christian McCaffrey, SF – RB4 (Age: 27-3)
  9. Saquon Barkley, NYG – RB5 (Age: 26-7)
  10. Austin Ekeler, LAC – RB6 (Age: 28-3)
  11. A.J. Brown, PHI – WR5 (Age: 26-2)
  12. Garrett Wilson, NYJ – WR6 (Age: 23-1)
  13. Jaylen Waddle, MIA – WR7 (Age: 24-9)
  14. Cooper Kupp, LAR – WR8 (Age: 30-2)
  15. Tyreek Hill, MIA – WR9 (Age: 29-6)

Here are the top 15 players by most everyone who is anyone.

Here is a complete look from our front page.

Everyone who is anyone? LOL

No one I know has Lamb and St. Brown in the first round, or CMC any later than 2nd overall. Wilson and Waddle at the first corner are silly, too.

The only arena in which these rankings make any sense are in the tiny little alternate universe of keeper and dynasty leagues.

You confirm my comment and are NOT welcome in this thread for managers.

It’s a public forum; anyone can comment. If you want to set up a private board somewhere, feel free.

The problem with that ranking is it’s for PPR, and our league is half PPR.

Jeez, I was so distracted by Lamb at #6 I didn’t even see Breece Hall at #5! I guess someone hasn’t heard that the Jets are currently in the lead to sign Dalvin Cook…

It is only a guideline.

Oh no! You almost Karened last year? Please don’t Karen this year!


Axe Elf is here for your benefit, and the benefit of others like you. You may refuse a helping hand, but you might want to check with everyone else before you take it away from them as well.

Either way, Axe Elf will go on–he just won’t be available to assist you in your campaign.

Here ya go from PFF but redraft.

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How about if you delete your sense of self-importance and quit being the entertainment to many new posters?

That would be great.

I did see that, and honestly, I prefer taking the redraft view in dynasty/keeper leagues. If it comes down to a choice between a rookie/younger player or older player, obviously I’ll go with youth, but I will likely draft a clearly better older player most of the time.

Hey Ed, Our League chat has some action if ya wanna chime in.

Our live chat has replaced the forum who needs pest control. lol
This is my message to all the managers.

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