12 team ppr keeper league

I am in a 12 team league with full point ppr. I can keep TWO. My best options for keepers are:

Justin Jefferson - 12th round - no brainer
DK Metcalf - 3rd round
David Montgomery - 5th round
Aaron Rodgers - 11th round
Joe Burrow - 11th round

I traded my 2nd round pick to win last years championship, so if I keep Metcalf I will not have 2nd or 3rd round picks, but I’ll have Jefferson and Metcalf.

I think I might keep Montgomery there. He’s a solid RB2 for a 5th round pick, plus you’re gonna need that 3rd rounder. There’s plenty of good value in the 3rd round, including players better than Metcalf.

Don’t worry about the QB’s. You might be able to get them back later if you really want them.

This one is tricky. It is tempting to keep Metcalf, but then you would miss two rounds in a row. I think that if this is a one QB starting league I would keep Rodgers. He will be top 6 to 8 QB and then you do not have to worry about drafting one and you keep your 3rd round pick.