Keeper help in standard league

Need some help with keeper selection. I’m in a 10 team standard league with a snake draft and 3rd pick. We are allowed 2 keeper, not from the same position. Players are allowed to be kept an additional 3 years from the year that they were drafted and no player drafted in the first round can be kept. Players move up a round after the first year that they are kept. Here are my options for keepers: Patrick Mahomes - 12th round, last year of keeper eligibility, Jonathan Taylor, 3rd round, 1st year of keeper eligibility, JK Dobbins 7th round keeper and 1st year, Justin Jefferson 11th round keeper and 1st year, or CeeDee Lamb 9th round and 1st year.

Jefferson over Lamb seems fairly obvious based on round drafted. I’m debating between my other selection. WOuld be curious to hear other’s opinions

Who comes up with these rules? The IRS?

Seriously, Jefferson and Mahomes. Even though you only get Mahomes for another year, you may as well enjoy it. try and draft some good RB’s this year.