10 team keeper question

Ten person standard scoring. I have won the league 3 years in a row and want to make it a fourth. We can keep a player as many years as the round that we drafted the player. I drafted Lamar Jackson in 2019 in the 6th round, it was a 14 team league in 2019, and kept him last year so I can keep him through the 2025 season. Last year I drafted Tyrek Hill in the 1st round so could keep him just for this year, I drafted Waller in the 4th round so I could keep him through the 2024 season if I wanted. Which player would you guys keep for the 2021 season? Right now I am going to keep Jackson again this year. I have the 9th draft pick.

You can only keep one? I’d keep Hill.

An elite TE is worth more than an elite WR, especially in standard scoring and with the added bonus of you can keep him longer.

You can always take 2nd tier receivers and stream them to get elite production. You can’t do that with TE’s.