2023 Fantasy Player Values- Up or Down

This is a fun time of year with much speculation and many projections in the media and with fans to sort out, I’ve read and talked with a number of guys whose views I respect and with my own have come up with very early thoughts of what is on the fantasy horizon from FA and the NFL draft.

I see the value of QBs Allen and Hurts dropping. Much speculation on both teams taking a top RB this draft. Looking at who both teams have this year it makes too much sense to ignore. The runs of both could be cut in half.

If Goff is the Lions his value will jump with Jameson.

RBs Ekeler and CMC are still at the top of their position.
Henry and Cook are risky but worth a 3rd-4th round play.
Hall, Walker and Etienne are top picks and Gibbs belongs with or in front of them.
Taylor and Robinson are top of the line franchise RBs.

WR Kupp did not play much early years and is still a top WR.

The great WR class from last year showed they belong and then some. Look for
Olave, London, Wilson, Burks, Pickens, Watson and Jameson (over his injury) to take a big step forward this season. If you have a chance to get any one of them do it.


If Hurts has a good game in the Super Bowl, that ends any speculation of his value dropping.

If Bijan ends up on a good team, he can easily leapfrog Ekeler and CMC.

Above Justin Jefferson? No way. While his upside is above JJ, there’s downside too, especially with the Rams shaky QB situation.

If the Falcons show any confidence in Desmond Ridder, we might see London and Pi+tts take a step forward this year.