Zeke/Keenan Allen for James Robinson/ either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf?

I keep lingering James Robinson around for trade. Had an offer for James Robinson on my team for Zeke and Keenan Allen, I just have to include either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf.

Im building this championship team here.

My other RB’s are Dalvin Cook and CMC

Bench is D Johnson from the browns, myles Gaskin and Devin Singletary.

So having CMC, Cook and Zeke as RB1, RB2 and Flex would be an unbeatable combo in my eyes.

So you’d give up Moore or Metcalf for Allen? Two guys on teams struggling in the passing game versus a WR2 on a team with a young Jedi QB? Even though the numbers YTD support his side of the trade, I would feel a little better with a Charger WR than a Seahawk or Panther.

Zeke vs. Robinson is the same way: You get an RB on one of the top offenses in the NFL, while he gets…The hapless Jags. But in this case, the numbers clearly support Zeke YTD.

I’d make the trade, but I’d try to push Moore instead of Metcalf, who is Mr. Consistency.