What is Zeke Elliott's Trade Value?

I have been offered Zeke Elliott/Jalen Hurts/Colts D for my
Justin Jefferson/Josh Allen/Broncos D

I am in a 12 team keeper league with 0.5 ppr scoring.

My current RBs and WRs on roster are:
RB: J.Jacobs, T. Sermon, AJ Dillon , L. Bell (Drafted G.Edwards and 2 days later was IR), K. Gainwell and R. Penny
WR: J.Jefferson, A.Robinson, C. Sutton, L. Shenault, J. Meyers

I definately need the RB help, and feel good about Elliott but willl be sad to lose Jefferson and especially Allen as my QB. Hoping I can use Hurts and stream others to fill gap. Am I giving up too much for Zeke??

Comments are appreciated, thanks.

I hate to say this, but you do need Zeke, or at least a comparable RB. Even so, I don’t like the trade. I would explore other trades with other teams. Josh Allen for Hurts leaves you in the same situation. Losing Jefferson doesn’t help either.

If you want to counter, try Robinson and Jacobs for Zeke? No guaranty it will go thru, but it’s a point for negotiation.