Week 2 Starters?

PPR Super Flex. My current starters are in bold

QB: Allen, D Jones, Mayfield
RB: Chubb, Brian Robinson, Moss, Bigsby, D Cook, Kelley, Gainwell (IR)
WR: Brown, DJ Moore, Lockett, E Moore, Dotston
TE: Andrews,


0-1. So tempted to swing a trade but too early to panic.

Yeesh, it’s a project, after drafting a QB and TE early, and then selecting a Chicago WR as your WR2.

Hopefully your QBs will have better days ahead, but I dunno…

Yeah, my commish and I were talking today and I definitely paid the price to take a TE early and bit of a homer pick for Jones in the 5th.

That said, I have some possible trade options so hopefully not a lost cause.

One team is just gutted by injuries and I think I can get Kamara/Jamaal for Robinson and Cook.

Could also probably Rachaad White for Robinson/Cook

EDIT: funny too but the Ekeler owner is FREAKING out and has tried to get Kelley off my bad. I can’t get him to give up Monty, but with Waddle and Waller ailing I may be able to pounce before Sunday.

Careful with that, White’s job is one of the least secure in the league after Week 1.

Yeah, I am not super excited about it.

Frankly, I am seriously tempted to go for Jamaal and Kamara and cross my fingers.

Maybe strong arm my wife into giving up AJ Dillon, LOL