What is a fair trade for J. Allen and J.Jefferson?

I have been approached by an owner on what my asking price would be for my Josh Allen and Justin Jefferson for any of his roster:

Russell Wilson
Jalen Hurts

Ezekiel Elliott
Alvin Kamara
D’Andre Swift
Zack Moss
J.K. Dobbins

DK Metcalf
Michael Pittman
Marquise Brown
Tyler Lockett
Chase Claypool
Jerry Jeudy

I am in a 12 team keeper league with 0.5 ppr scoring.

My current roster is:
QB: J. Allen
RB: J.Jacobs, A. Peterson, AJ Dillon ,K. Gainwell and A.Collins
WR: J.Jefferson, A.Robinson, C. Sutton, R. Bateman, J. Meyers
TE: Gesicki

I definately need the RB help, and lots to choose from. Thinking 3 players: Zeke or Kamara and Kelce or Metcalf and Wilson

Josh Allen makes 30.8 FFP per game. Wilson 23.3, and he’s injured.
Jalen Hurts makes 25.5 and is healthy. However, there is a certain risk he may get benched at some point.

Zeke is an upgrade for your RB room, no doubt about that. But neither Kelce nor Metcalf are a big upgrade over Gesicki and Jefferson.

Yes, you need help at RB, and yes, you do get it with this trade. But it comes with a price tag. The trade won’t make you the favorite to win your league, and neither Zeke nor Kamara will remain studs for years to come. Bellcow RBs never last long.

Keeping Josh Allen means you won’t have a headache on QB for years to come, though.

So you gotta ask yourself: do you want to make a trade that slightly improves your current situation, but still won’t make you a league favorite, and will increase your roster challenges for years to come?

That’s a question only you can answer. I would only do such a trade when I’m in “win now” mode. That roster doesn’t scream “win now” to me. YMMV.

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Thank you Zak HH for your comments. I was excited initially to get this offer but the longer I contemplated the less sure I was. Your ananlysis helped me breakdown the reality of my situation. The slight improvement I would iget, doesn’t appear to be worth the price tag…

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