TRADE: Aaron jones/Brandin Cooks/George Kittle for Zeke/Keenan Allen and Kyle Pitts

Would you guys make this trade? I currently have Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook Dk metcalf and Brandin Cooks on my team (michael thomas on IR) and Mike Davis as my flex Would you guys take that trade for Zeke/Keenan Allen and Kyle Pitts? 12 man league PPR ESPN. Thanks

Dynasty or redraft? The Pitts versus Kittle aspect is what makes or breaks this deal. If it’s dynasty, then the answer is yes. If it’s redraft, the answer is no.

Redraft. Getting a lot of noise for Aaron Jones since week 2 blow up lol

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Jones won’t have every week like that, but he is a fairly consistent and solid RB1. I’d keep him. While Zeke has more potential upside, he hasn’t really shown it in awhile, leading some to question if he’s gotten too far past his prime. Stick with your hot hand.

I also had another trade offer of Aaron Jones and Brandin Cooks for Tyreek Hill and Josh Jacobs which is a bit enticing. How ever Josh Jacobs health worries me.

As a Raider fan, Jacobs’ health worries me too. I suspect some of it is the Raiders being overly cautious with him because they have Drake, and they are winning. They want Jacobs at close to 100% for the end of the season, or at least for when they play the Chefs. (typo intentional)

Having said that, I would be loathe to trade for Jacobs as anything more than an RB3 or a streaming flex option. Flipping between Jacobs and Mike Davis as your RB2 seems dangerous to me. I’d decline that trade.

No! You should always get the best player in a trade and I believe AJones is the best player in this trade.

He is trading Aaron Jones AWAY in that trade.

I’m not sure what you mean there?

I was responding to Vrnole’s comment about Aaron Jones. I think he misinterpreted what was happening,

Gotcha. Yea I currently have Aaron Jones on my roster