Zay Jones, pick up or not?

Should Zay Jones been picked up for Jahan Dotson or Allen Lazard? Trouble deciding if I should pick Jones up or not.

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Jones and Lazard are pretty much lateral; Dotson would be a downgrade now, but some upside for later.

I am thinking of picking him up and dropping ARob.

That would likely be an error.

It is hard to start ARob on a weekly basis…are you saying better days lie ahead or is he like an excellent insurance policy should Kupp get hurt?

Better days likely lie ahead.

Robinson has been targeted in the end zone each and every week so far–he had two such targets this past week. If he had caught one of them–and the one in Week 1–he’d be WR22 in standard and WR33 in PPR right now, with plenty of room for improvement.

Keep in mind that as the Rams’ WR2 last season, Robert Woods was the WR11 in half-PPR scoring through the 9 weeks he played. The Rams’ starters din’t play in preseason, so their preseason is basically just now over. The offense will come together better as the season progresses.

No. Zay will give you a mirage week, then disappear for weeks. Dotson and Lazard are much better options.

You found the one guy I wouldn’t even consider dropping ARob for. Zay Jones is not real. To paraphrase Obiwan, “This is not the receiver you’re looking for.” Find someone else. ANYONE else!

ok…I will hold on…Thanks guys for the advice!!

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