Burks/Pittman/Peoples Jones - PPR Flex

whom to start??

Burks/Pittman/D Peoples Jones - PPR Flex

D Peoples Jones probably has the best matchup with Watson,but its his first game…just not confident enough…thoughts??


Burks is sick and goes to Philly. Not his week. Pittman is the safest with DPJ the potential biggest return on risk. I roll the dice.

Actually, I see it as just the opposite of @SoBe717 : DPJ is the safest floor, with Pittman as the highest upside. Pittman has had 2-20+ point PPR games, while DPJ hasn’t had any.

Thanks Ed. Now I know I am right. :slight_smile:


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Pittman, DPJ, Burks… Watson will not help DPJ.

Thanks for your inputs guys!

Pittman is definitely the safest bet here. DPJ has sneaky upside, but we don’t know how good Deshaun will be right out of the gate, and if he will connect with DPJ, or rather with other receivers.

Burks is unstartable. Limited volume to begin with, and a terrible matchup.

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