Your Top 10 Fantasy Draft Picks?

1 Bijan Robinson (FA) RB1 1 1 1.0 0.0
2 Jaxon Smith-Njigba (FA) WR1 2 5 3.0 1.1
3 Jahmyr Gibbs (FA) RB2 2 9 4.8 1.9
4 Jordan Addison (FA) WR2 3 8 5.2 1.6
5 Quentin Johnston (FA) WR3 3 10 6.2 2.0
6 C.J. Stroud (FA) QB1 2 15 7.1 4.1
7 Zay Flowers (FA) WR4 3 12 8.0 2.5
8 Bryce Young (FA) QB2 2 15 8.1 4.1
9 Zach Charbonnet (FA) RB3 5 17 9.3 3.0
10 Anthony Richardson (FA) QB3 3 18 9.9 4.4

Above are the current picks from Fantasy Pros. Agree or Disagree?

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1 Robinson is not worth talking about any more.

2 Gibbs is my pick over Njigba. He has special talent and a yeary long hammy injury scares me.

3 Johnston has every imaginable measurable but is very rough and has not put his talents to full use. I still have to take a shot on a potential star.

4 Njigba has a ton of talent and can be a very special player but, the injury?

Addison, Flowers, the 3 QBs and Charbonnet I group together with the best dependent on your league and needs.

All six are very good with very high ceilings but I cannot put them in the same tier as my top four.

Until we see where they land in the NFL Draft, it’s hard to claim any value.

Talent always works for me. London and Burks had bad landing but still very glad I drafted them based on talent.

I would think the same on your WR Wilson and Olave.

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Wilson and Olave had good landing spots AND talent.

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I did not see it that way before last draft. I saw both with bad QBs, vet WRs to take volume and more of a run game.

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Wilson did fine with Mike White at QB, and Olave was decent with Andy Dalton.

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They did but I did not see it coming.

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That’s what talent does.

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I have to move Njigba up to #3 and Johnston back to the pack. If you watch him in 2021 he is overly impressive. The reverse on Q last season. Charbonnet is looking a little shakier as well.

I’m starting to think that none of these top players will get a negative impact from their landing spots.

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The only one I’d say that about so far is Bijan. It would take a really odd landing spot to devalue Bijan, specifically one with an already established stud RB, such as the Patriots or 49ers. Even then, Bijan would still only end up in an RBBC.