Dynasty Rookie Ranks June Update

1 Bijan Robinson(ATL) RB1 1 1 1.0 0.0
2 Jahmyr Gibbs(DET) RB2 2 5 2.8 1.1
3 Jaxon Smith-Njigba(SEA) WR1 2 5 2.9 0.7
4 Jordan Addison(MIN) WR2 3 8 4.5 1.0
5 Quentin Johnston(LAC) WR3 3 16 5.9 2.4
6 Zay Flowers(BAL) WR4 4 12 6.8 1.9
7 Anthony Richardson(IND) QB1 2 17 8.6 3.5
8 Dalton Kincaid(BUF) TE1 6 19 10.2 3.1
9 Bryce Young(CAR) QB2 2 21 10.5 4.6
10 C.J. Stroud(HOU) QB3 7 18 11.3 3.2
11 Zach Charbonnet(SEA) RB3 7 18 11.7 3.2
12 Devon Achane(MIA) RB4 8 27 12.9 4.2
13 Kendre Miller(NO) RB5 6 25 13.2 4.3
14 Michael Mayer(LV) TE2 7 26 15.5 4.3
15 Marvin Mims Jr.(DEN) WR5 9 24 16.4 4.2
16 Jonathan Mingo(CAR) WR6 8 31 16.6 5.8
17 Roschon Johnson(CHI) RB6 9 31 18.7 4.6
18 Sam LaPorta(DET) TE3 9 31 19.1 5.4
19 Josh Downs(IND) WR7 11 27 19.8 4.7
20 Rashee Rice(KC) WR8 11 35 20.2 5.8
21 Jayden Reed(GB) WR9 11 39 20.8 6.9
22 Tyjae Spears(TEN) RB7 10 28 21.3 4.4
23 Tank Bigsby(JAC) RB8 13 35 22.5 4.5
24 Jalin Hyatt(NYG) WR10 15 34 22.9 4.3
25 Will Levis(TEN) QB4 11 38 24.2 7.4

Here is the latest from Fantasy Pros this morning.

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The top picks appear to be locked in barring something unforeseen.

Top two RBs look great and Gibbs would be #1 in most years.
The WRs are quality players but not high value early picks
I still like Richardson best at QB and will draft him as a back up if available.
Same for Kincaid who can be good this year IF played a lot in the slot.

I do see good value in the second 10 with RBs Charbonnet and Miller along with WRs Mingo and Mims.

A few thoughts:

3 JSN is overrated if you are looking for help this year. He’s still behind Metcalf and Lockett. Instead…

4 …I prefer Jordan Addison at #3. If Addison can play at all, he’ll get the targets in Minnesota. Playing opposite JJ means he’ll have more opportunities to produce.

5 Quentin Johnston will turn out to be the best WR in this class.

6 Zay Flowers is too small. At best, he may be an ok slot WR.

8 Rookie TE Kincaid in the first round? Unless your last name is “Pitts”, that’s too rich for my wallet.

11-13 the only RB I want here is Miller. Charbonnet isn’t going to steal Walker’s job, and Achane is too small in a crowded backfield.

14 I’d take TE Mayer before any of the previous three RB’s.

16 What’s Mingo doing down here? He has every opportunity to earn a starting position in this WR corps of broken down jalopies.

22-23 Spears and Bigsby look like opportunities waiting to happen.

24 Hyatt is another one like Mingo. There ain’t much sitting ahead of him on the depth chart.

25 I actually prefer QB Aidan O’Connell over Will Levis. Not based on talent per se, but rather opportunity. Jimmy Garoppolo will stink (or he won’t play at all because of his injury from last year), and then the Raiders will be forced to play O’Connell. If O’Connell can do even half decent, he could earn the starting position for next year. As for Levis, he’ll likely be behind Tannehill all year. When Levis does get a chance, who knows if he’ll be any good? This is the same team that blew it on Malik Willis.

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Nice run down.

Maybe not. Teams us a cover 2 much of the time leaving the middle open for many catches from Njigba.

4 Agree

5 Johnston is high risk, high reward.

6 Agree

8 Kincaid is top 10 for this year by most every analyst. I like him as a second TE.

11-13 Charbonnet is a top talent who I can see being #1 next year.

14 Tuff to disagree but don’t see much this year to be a back up but a top stash.

Agree on the rest except O’Connell. I alsp like QB Hooker and RB Chase Brown as sleepers.

Walker did a fine job last year. Hard to see any rookie RB not named Bijan or Gibbs supplanting Walker. At best, Charbonnet gets into an RBBC.

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He got an elite grade of 91.5 last year, second only to Robinson at 95. Carrol picked him for a reason. It would be a mistake to think little of him. JMO

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Walker is a proven commodity. He’s gonna be hard to unseat. Best case is they vulture off each other.

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This year, I agree. Charbonnet gets goal line and is a really good receiver. You need to watch some tape on him. He does not have great speed but a ton of moves and instincts as good as it gets.

I was gonna take him with my 2nd rounder in our keeper league over the #3 WR
before Seattle and trading out of that pick.

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Sometimes a situation overrules talent.

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I am very interested to see how our 10 keeper league drafts this year. I’m projecting we will have over 80 keepers deleted from our draft and only 10-12 picks made in our first 4 rounds.

We are similar to dynasty in the need for rookies but the BIG difference is that the rookies we pick will cost the same draft choice next year to keep.

Most rookies take a year and 2 draft picks is a real investment. Our other option will be to draft players cut who should be mostly older vets and disappointments. Do you go one year for the vet or 2 years for a rookie?

This league is most definitely more chess than checkers. :sunglasses:

I make the top two picks and do not draft again until the fifth, I’m seeing getting a value pick for trade.

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Am I third overall? I mean when all keepers are considered?

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That is what I see from all the info I have from managers, barring something unforeseen.

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Cool., I can get a good player.

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I’m not sure of how many good players will be available unless you want vets like Loctett or Conner.

IF Miami gets Cook one of our Dolphin fans will add him ASAP.