Post Draft Top Player Ranks

QB’s aside my revamped ranks of this year’s impact players is:




I don;t see any must have players after the top two. This would apply for redraft leagues as well.


In redraft, you can almost ignore rookie QB’s. Even the best QB’s in NFL history managed to stink up the place their rookie season. Guys like Justin Herbert are outliers.

Rookie TE’s can almost be ignored in redraft. The only one I ever saw do something significant was Kyle Pitts.

Rookie WR’s are a mixed bag for redraft. The only one I see is Quentin Johnston, but I probably wouldn’t pick him until the later rounds.

Any TE after the top six being decent is something significant. :slight_smile:

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I have seen and heard more stats, ranks, projections, speculation and assorted reports than I would care to mention or think about. :slight_smile:

Upon further review this is my conclusion and rankings.

1 Robinson End of story

2 Gibbs Some had Njigba but before landing. RBs with star potential are rare.

3 Njigba My major change since opening picks. Metcalf and Lockett get a lot of cover 2 opening the middle. JSN now fills that void with a vengeance.
That should give him 2nd spot as a WR 3 this year and much more in 2024.

4 Johnston He will not do a lot this year without injury to Allen and/or Williams but those are likely. I see him as their #1 in 24 with Herbert, a great duo.

5 Addison is very likely to be tops this year in getting the most volume with no one to beat for a good initial target share but, does not have the upside for 24.

6 Flowers He is the Wild Card who could be best or worse this year. Andrews and heavy run are against him and could be similar to AJ Grown who was good with Balt but rose in Philly.

7 Kincaid Indications are he will be mostly a big slot this year which does not take the time for a TE. Buff throws a lot and can easily see him as Allen’s #2 receiver.

8 Richardson I like him more than the other two, would draft him as a back up in redraft and Keeper while #1 in dynasty. His potential is something special.

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