Your First Fantasy Experience

Just to clarify we are talking football here. lol

I was in New Orleans and never heard of fantasy but the Pub we went to was starting a league and had to jump in.

The draft was live, meaning the managers saying who they wanted at the bar and a gal writing it down. The research was newspapers and magazines. Yeah, I have been doing this for a while.

My first pick was Herschel Walker and my team got it’s ass kicked that year (late 80’s I believe) but, it was UNBELIEVABLE FUN.


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I had done some “fantasy football contests”, but I wanted the actual league experience, so me, a friend, and my dad, each drafted teams. This was back in the early 90’s. We were just using td’s for all players, and I drafted Steve Young and smoked them.

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It was so much different back then, 30 years ago, as everything was up close and personal. Trades were face to face over beers and sometimes got a bit nasty. It was good to have a HUGE former Saints player tending bar to keep the peace. lol

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Wow. You guys are old. Hahahaa
I didn’t get into it until 2008. It’s been a horrible vice since

I started when I was 10. lol

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I cannot even remember how it started. Guess it was with a simple “pick the winner” contest I joined in some forum, and won it, despite being the only non-US participant.

I was then invited to a league I vaguely remember. I think it was some sort of salary-cap based best ball format.

Finally ended up playing a few redraft leagues, co-managing teams with a buddy. Never invested a lot into it, though.

That changed when I joined my first dynasty league 5 years ago. Suddenly, it was not enough to know a couple of starters and have a vague idea how they could fare this season. I started investing some serious research while trying to fix the beginner mistakes I made in the startup draft. 2 years later, I had only 2 of the 25 players I initially drafted left on my roster (Mahomes and Ekeler).

As my team got gradually better, I accepted a huge challenge and took over a completely run-down team in another dynasty league. That league turned out to be a lot more competitive than my first one, but the rebuild is going pretty well.

I noticed that my redraft performances got better, too, even though redraft doesn’t hold too much appeal for me anymore.

Maybe I’ll join a new dynasty league next season, would love to do another startup draft. Maybe I’ll join an IDP league. Or maybe I’ll just focus on my 2-3 core leagues. I don’t feel fantasy football is getting more fun, the more leagues I play. Can’t really celebrate a player scoring a long TD when I first have to check in how many leagues I start him, and in how many I’m going against him.

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I played redrafts on and off early as I was more involved with my Dolphins and killer work schedule. Then, maybe 10 years ago was introduced to money leagues and the fun began. However, spending time and effort to lose it after a year in redraft made no sense and keepers it was And now this league as something all together different.

I plan on starting another league next year and limiting myself to three leagues.
You should really start up a dynasty league here as mentioned. Just my view.

I am still planning to start a dynasty league for this space. More details later.



I am still planning to start a dynasty league for this space. More details later.

In all due respect I do not believe that to be a good idea by yourself. As posted, Zak with you would work. FWIW

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We already discussed that part, and it is part of the plan.