How many fantasy football leagues are you in this year?

So far, I am in 5 fantasy football leagues this year: 3 Yahoo leagues, 1 Sleeper, and 1 Fleaflicker. Of those leagues, only three are pay-to-play leagues. 3 are dynasty, 2 are keeper. 4 leagues are half-point PPR, and one is PPR. Three are superflex, two are one QB.

So how many leagues are you in, and what kind are they?

12 team SFLEX half-PPR dynasty on Fleaflicker
12 team 1QB PPR dynasty on Fleaflicker
10 team PPR keeper hybrid league on Yahoo

Wouldn’t mind to leave it at that, but I’ll probably be forced to join more leagues… :sweat_smile:

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None yet.

Hopefully I can keep it under 30.

I have our two keeper hybrids and the redraft I won on Dolphins forum.
I’m deciding on three others, dynasty, redraft and a keeper transition to hybrid.

10 pay leagues & 4 DraftKings best ball.

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Welcome aboard! You’re pretty ambitious!

Thanks, I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1998. I read the messages I hardly ever reply but I’ll try to be more involved.

1994 for me. Good to see another pre-millenial; some of these whippersnappers are in dire need of some seasoned guidance, and well, I’m only one man.

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My first league was around 1985 or so. Our draft info came from newspapers and our live draft was 8 of us drinking at the pub in New Orleans with a pretty bar maid writing down our picks.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into. :slight_smile:

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Are you good or just a kind person who likes to donate? JK

If it is the former we have a second challenging keeper hybrid needing two more managers. It is only for $20 but promises to be some fun.

I might, send me the info.

Sent the info via message.