Has Fantasy Overcome Your Favorite Team?

I believe that for many fantasy is now even with favorite teams. IMO, the NFL has lost many a fan after the draft to not taking a break Fans are deluged with info and projections for months and come preseason it is all used up and beating a dead horse,

In fantasy there are Dynasty rookie drafts, redrafts, trade proposals and fresh stuff going on with all teams. It adds so much.

When the season finally starts, it seems to become even, at least with keepers. with all glued to the game and their lap top.


Just speaking for myself, I spend the entire season watching my league’s waiver wires for the “next big thing”. As injuries accumulate in the NFL during the season, prospects are opened up. To use a baseball analogy, “who will be the next Wally Pipp?”

This is the virtue of deep leagues (and playing in multiple types of leagues): It forces you to scour the league’s rosters for the 2nd string talent and grab them before anyone else. But when you know about these players in advance, it makes you formidable in the shallower leagues, so when the injuries start happening, you know about the replacement’s value in advance. If the 2nd stringer is good, you know to bring out the FAAB wallet and start spending!