Your Best Picks from a Year Ago?

Picks are almost upon us. In hindsight who were your best and worst picks from a year ago? Did you learn anything? :slight_smile:

My best were Adams at #10, Harris at #11 and keeper Ekeler at #30.

Worst- Hockenson at 31 9all others were gone), Ridley keeper at 5 And Sermon at 7.

After the top 3, worst draft ever but bailed it out in waivers for 12-2

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My 2021 dynasty rookie drafts:

League 1 (12 team, SFLEX, half-PPR, drafting rookies only):
1.09: Ja’Marr Chase
2.04: Michael Carter
2.09: Pat Freiermuth
3.09: Josh Palmer

League 2 (12 team, single QB, full PPR, drafting rookies & free agents):
1.01: Ja’Marr Chase
1.04: Travis Etienne
1.09: Jaylen Waddle
2.03: Trey Lance
2.07: Pat Freiermuth
3.07: Tre’Quan Smith
I started a full rebuild for this team, that I took over a year ago as a completely run-down orphan.

Can’t say I’m unhappy with any of my picks. Michael Carter is no more than a handcuff for Breece Hall, but since I added Hall this year, I’m still happy to have him.

In league 2, ETN and Lance are still unproven, but I have high hopes. Tre’Quan was a bust, though. I cut him in November.

Well done. I missed Chase by 2 spots to get Sermon. Oh What A Lucky Man.

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My worst picks were the ones who got injured.

My best picks were all the rest.

In my 16 team dynasty league, I only had two picks. I took WR Jaylen Waddle with the 10th pick in the 1st round, and then K Dan Carlson with the 8th pick in the 5th round. Both of them turned out well: Carlson was the best kicker in fantasy, and Waddle was the WR13.

I couldn’t believe he was still there at 1.09 in league 1. I was afraid I wouldn’t even get Waddle there. But we had a lot of RB and QB needy teams (SFLEX league), and the one team at 1.03 that I had projected to take Chase took Pitts instead.