Yahoo Mock Draft PPR 1 QB

For this mock draft, I was picking from the 9 spot in a 12 team draft. The results:

  1. Davante Adams (LV - WR): Needless to say, the top RB’s and WR’s were gone, and Adams was the BPA. I can live with it.
  2. D’Andre Swift (Det - RB): I rarely leave the first 2 rounds of a draft without at least one RB, and Swift was the best available. In PPR, he isn’t a bad pickup.
  3. Kyle Pitts (Atl - TE): Potential TE #1 overall. I had my eyes set on AJ Brown, but he went 2 picks before me.
  4. Breece Hall (NYJ - RB): Starting to feel the need for RB, and Hall is a solid choice.
  5. Jalen Hurts (Phi - QB): Got my QB.
  6. DK Metcalf (Sea - WR): Say what you will about Metcalf’s situation, he is still a top notch alpha WR, who will get his targets, no matter the QB.
  7. Rashaad Penny (Sea - RB): I was thinking I can get Penny here, and then take Kenny Walker 6 picks later. Nope,. Walker went off the board with the very next pick. Still, he’s a good play until he gets hurt.
  8. Hunter Renfrow (LV - WR): Too many WR’s I like this year, as you will see by the next 2 picks.
  9. Elijah Moore (NYJ - WR): I loaded up on WR’s, after waiting so long to draft my second one.
  10. Chase Claypool (Pit - WR): By taking a lot of high upside bench WR’s, I figure I can plug and play, or just replace a starting WR if needed.
  11. Derek Carr (LV - QB): I was planning to wait for Jameis Winston, but Carr falling this far was too big a steal.
  12. Tyler Allgeier (Atl - RB): This is why I waited to backup my RB’s. I toyed with drafting Dameon Pierce earlier, but he got snapped up. Allgeier looks like a solid play, as everything from Patterson seems to be looking towards retirement, and Allgeier has had a solid camp and preseason.
  13. Khalil Herbert (Chi - RB): Could Herbert be David Montgomery’s replacement? He certainly has the talent,. and with Montgomery flirting with special teams duty, could this be the end for him? It’s worth a late-round flyer on Herbert.
  14. Younghoe Koo (Atl - K): Maybe my favorite K in the NFL.
  15. Las Vegas (LV - DEF): Total homer pick, although they look better than last year.

I like most every pick but would have gone Walker over Penny and not a Renfro fan. Nice job.

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I only went with Penny first was because he was higher in ADP, and I hoped I could grab Walker in the next round.

Just a gut feeling that Walker will steal the show in Seattle.

If Penny stays healthy, he could make Walker an afterthought, but I wouldn’t bet on that.

I can never get past the TE pick in the 3rd round.


At least this draft isn’t quite so heavy on 2nd- and 3rd-string rookie RBs, as has been your tendency previously.