One Mock Draft in Yahoo

This was a basic mock draft I just did in Yahoo, with basic PPR scoring, 12 teams, 1 QB. I had the 2nd pick in a snaking draft:

  1. Najee Harris (Pit - RB): Anyone who knows me here knows this is my pick. Surprisingly, JT was still available, but this is my first choice, period.
  2. Alvin Kamara (NO - RB): With the news Kamara likely won’t see any discipline from the NFL until next season, Kamara is clear sailing. Got to love this steal in the late 2nd round.
  3. Kyle Pitts (Atl - TE): I was torn here between Metcalf and Pitts. As you can see…
  4. DK Metcalf (Sea - WR): …I got both. Metcalf is still a top notch alpha WR, who played well last year with Geno Smith as his QB.
  5. Jalen Hurts (Phi - QB): A QB with Josh Allen/Lamar Jackson upside, in the 5th round. Sold!
  6. Amon-Ra St. Brown (Det - WR): I do have questions here, but the value is solid.
  7. Kenneth Walker III (Sea - RB): A solid flex position.
  8. Hunter Renfrow (LV - WR): Good backup for my other WR’s.
  9. Derek Carr (LV - QB): If Hurts falters, I have a steady reliable QB waiting. I might even end up starting Carr.
  10. Dameon Pierce (Hou - RB): Another solid RB who is likely to get the touches in Houston.
  11. Tyler Allgeier (Atl - RB): I was bouncing back and forth between Pierce and Allgeier. Glad I got both.
  12. Garrett Wilson (NYJ - WR): Another solid backup WR.
  13. Younghoe Koo (Atl - K): I only drafted one kicker. I could grab another off the waiver wires later as needed. But Koo is pretty solid as kickers come.
  14. Dallas (Dal - DEF): I like the turnover-based defense in Dallas.
  15. Las Vegas (LV - DEF): This was a homer pick admittedly, but the last pick in the draft, so why not?

One thing I like about Yahoo is the ability to queue players based on ADP. Fantasy Pros could learn something from that, rather than keeping it behind a paywall. I can glance down the ADP list and queue players I want.

Any thoughts about this draft? For what it’s worth, I got graded a “C”, not that I care.

In a real draft, I hope you would have snagged Taylor and traded him for Najee + something.

In a real draft, I hope you wouldn’t have taken any Ks or Ds, and stocked up on some guys that might emerge in camp. You can always drop two scrubs for a K and D right before the first game of the season.

I’m not leaving a starting position empty.

If you’re required to draft a full lineup, or if you’re only like a week away from the season, ok–but not if you’re drafting with much of preseason to go. Taking a couple of shots at a breakout performer is more valuable than a K or a D that you could pick up the Wednesday before the season starts.

And even if you draft a full lineup, why would you draft TWO Ks or Ds??

I can buy the argument of only drafting one of each, and then deal with getting a replacement when the bye weeks come around. But ignoring them completely just to grab a player who may or may not pan out before week 1 is silly, because then you will either have to drop that player or one of your other valuable assets in order to take a last second K or D for the first week. You don’t draft with the intent to make a waiver pickup for a starting position before the start of the season.

I do.

It doesn’t cost you anything to draft a speculative RB or WR just to drop them for a K or D before Week 1–no harm, no foul.

But that time that the starter tears an ACL in camp and you suddenly drafted a starting RB in Round 14 (so you drop your Round 12 pick instead)–you wouldn’t trade a Kicker for that?

If I only have one kicker, then no. This is why I draft backup RB’s, usually extra ones. I drafted 5 RB’s. Using the kicker spot to take another RB isn’t likely to help me with one injury. Even with 2 injuries, I’m covered.

You’re assuming that those 14th and 15th round scrubs will remain scrubs. I’m suggesting that you draft on their potential. The Ks and Ds will still be there on the Wednesday before the season starts–and you may be dropping Dameon Pierce or Tyler Allgeier instead if your 15th round dart throw blows up in preseason.

I’ll take Pierce or Allgeier over any RB in the 15th round.

I’ll revisit this the Wednesday before the opener.