WR2 - Who to start

Full PPR, Most of the experts are saying start OBJ against KC, but I’m loving DeVonta Smith’s matchup with ATL or even Jakobi Meyers against MIA. What do you think?

Well I sure as heck wouldn’t start a rookie in his first game with a QB who sports a 52% completion percentage.

I’d probly lean a little toward Meyers, axually–but then I’m not a big OBJ fan (he hasn’t really done anything since 2016).

Id go OBJ otherwise you are depending on a rookie WR in his first game or on a rookie QB (to get Myers the ball) in his first game.

KC may have one on the best offenses in recent history. If Cleveland has any chance of winning they are going to need to throw the ball. Unless you think Browns D is gonna hold KC under 3-4 TDs, which I do not.

I wouldn’t touch Meyers against the CB who is arguably one of the best in the NFL, Xavier Howard.

OBJ might be a good play if the Browns fall behind KC early and have to throw more. Then again, if Cleveland can pound the ball like they want to, and still stay in the game, they will.

Smith against Atlanta might be the safest play, only because of Atlanta’s awful defense.