Week 13 - J. Williams or D. Johnson-Pit, 1 PPR, Flex

I have J. Williams in my starting lineup.as my flex. All week FantasyPros “Start/Sit Assistant” has told me to replace him with Diontae Johnson. However, FantasyPros weekly rankings and “Who Should I Start” suggest Williams. What gives? and what to you think?

I take it we are talking Jamaal Williams here? We can rule out Javonte, but there’s still Jameson who may (or may not) make his NFL debut.

As for Jamaal vs Diontae, they are projected almost equally. Both have a sidekick who can ruin their fantasy score every week. Swift for Jamaal, Pickens for Diontae.

Based on past performance, Jamaal seems to be the obvious choice. He scored under 10 full PPR points in only 3 of his 11 games. He also scored 7 TDs over the last 5 games. His matchup is okay.

Diontae’s highest score since Pickett took over as QB was 11 full PPR points. His average score per game in that period is 8.5. And he didn’t score a TD all season.

The reasonal recommendation is to start Jamaal. But Diontae’s TD drought will end at some point, and that point could well be this week’s matchup vs the Falcons, who are very generous in giving up TDs to opposing WRs.

TL;DR: if you want to play it safe, start Jamaal. If you want to listen to a random dude’s gut (something you should never do in fantasy), start Diontae.

And I should start writing horoscopes. Because no matter how this will turn out, I will be in a position to say “told you so” :sweat_smile:

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Diontae has been bad all year and do not see him getting any better. I go Jamaal.

Diontae is #6 in targets among WRs. The problem is Pickett’s terrible accuracy on deep balls, leading him to stick to short passes. His yards-per-attempt average is 6.0. That’s pretty terrible. And he threw for only 3 TDs (vs 8 INTs).

Still, that’s not completely unusual for a rookie QB. And they played some pretty tough defenses. Now they got Atlanta (#27 against the pass), Baltimore twice (#29), Carolina (#13) and the Raiders (#26). Things should be getting better.