Monday Night Help

I’m down 15.5 points in a standard (non-ppr) league. I have DHJ and B. Aiyuk locked in. Now I need a flex and because of injuries and byes my choices are slim.

Should I start OBJ or Sony Michael?

I’d gamble on OBJ, but that’s me. At least with OBJ, there isn’t a chance of anyone challenging him for targets. You can never be sure what Michel will get.


Tough choice. We don’t know how involved OBJ will be out of the gate and Michel is hit and miss behind Henderson. I’d roll with OBJ with the idea that they will want to get him involved early and often, but he could also give you a zero if they fail to connect.

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If you need an upside miracle, you need to roll with OBJ. Even with a TD, Michel will hardly give you more than 10 points.