Pick 2 - Championship game

Zeke, J.Jacobs or Dionte Johnson?

Standard scoring, 10-team league.

My other starting WR’s are T.Hill and AJ Brown.


With standard scoring you have to go with Zeke and Jacobs.

I might lean towards Johnson over AJ though.

Zeeke, Jacobs, Johnson, Hill…

I don’t know why, but I fear LV getting blown out in Indy and Jacobs being phased out of the game (like what happened both times they played KC). And, this being the finals, don’t you feel AJ’s ceiling game is better than Jacobs’ ceiling game? I don’t want to play it safe.

if it wasn’t a standard league, I’d agree with you. in standard leagues, always go RB first. Brown could have more yards than Jacobs, but I hate to bet on that.

Last question - Darrel Williams over Jacobs or Zeke? (He’s on the wire in my league).

I’m not feeling comfortable with anyone in the KC backfield. With CEH hurt, it looks like Gore and Williams might split carries, and Cincy isn’t terrible against the run. Avoid Williams.