Wr Decision 12th pick

12 team PPR - Sitting at 12th overall and having back to back picks. Pick 2 out of these 3, Adams, Lamb ARSB

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In which weeks do you need your highest scores?

Preferably every week lol

Well, that’s not going to happen. WRs are notoriously inconsistent scorers. All of them are going to score much higher in some weeks than others. If you can figure out which weeks you will need higher scores, and which WRs will score higher in those weeks, then you’ll have your answer.

Otherwise you just have to flip a coin.


Adams is already hurt, and getting older. Lamb is great, but he also has Cooks there, so some competition at the WR2 spot for once.

ARSB is a stone cold alpha WR.

So which one of them is your second pick?

Lamb is my second pick.

Forget Adams and move on.

Id’ be more worried about the Boys offensive coordinator gone and now we’re going to be able to see whether or not Dak’s still got it.

The safe choice is Brown, otherwise it will be interesting to see what under-rated Jimmy G. can do with a Raiders defense that seems pumped. People might think that because of the switch that Adam’s numbers will go down, because J.G. plays small ball. But if you actually look at 3 key elements of his life time stats for Y/A, C/% and rating they’re all elite and is with a pass happy head coordinator, err, I mean coach. :laughing:

Don’t overestimate the Raiders. They looked great last preseason, then tanked in the season. Josh McDummie can screw up a sunny day.