Which WRs to take

Drafting 12th in a PPR so obviously I have back to back picks. I’m debating on which two WRs to take options are AJ Brown, Lamb, Adams, or ARSB. What do you guys think?

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Lamb and ASRB for me.

(Chiefs’ fan bias against Eagles and Raiders in play.)

Jameson has star potential and will cut into St Brown’s targets in the 2nd half.

Lamb and AJ or Diggs if he is there.

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Nah, they play different roles. ASRB is the possession receiver, Jameson is the downfield threat.

SMH You have no right to advise anyone until you actually play and learn.

For redraft, here is how I rank that area of the draft for WR’s:

  1. Davante Adams: He’s the best until he isn’t.
  2. CeeDee Lamb: Dak’s BFF.
  3. AJ Brown: Belongs here.
  4. Garrett Wilson: Forgetting someone? He just got an upgrade at QB, even if it is Aaron “Last Legs” Rodgers.
  5. Amon Ra St. Brown: Remember, Jameson will be missing the first 6 weeks. Even then, ARSB has proven himself to be the alpha in this offense. I might even be too low on him. I could see taking him even before Ceedee.