Kamara=out, need a flex non ppr

CeeDee Lamb vs WAS or
Josh Jacobs vs DEN


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Tough call. most weeks, I might take Lamb, but I suspect the Raiders will be out for blood this week, after losing 3 in a row. I expect Jacobs to have a big game at home against the Broncos.

On a side note, if the Raiders don’t win, expect Josh McDaniels to be fired tomorrow.

You only say that so that I can’t ha-ha you on Monday. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Context: I was higher on Jacobs this pre-season than Ed was. And now we play head-to-head in a league this week, and I just acquired Jacobs and start him. :sweat_smile:)

Ironically, I would recommend Lamb here, though. He has a soft matchup against a generous Washington secondary, one of the worst defenses against the pass. Jacobs OTOH plays against one of the better run defenses, even though the Broncos achieved that honor against rather pedestrian teams.

Both Lamb and Jacobs are in the same range in terms of expected yards, but Lamb’s chances on a TD may be better.

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To me, the difference in the players comes down to team motivation. The Raiders have a must-win game against a division opponent. While Dallas would love to win against their biggest rival, it isn’t a must-win for them.

Lamb is an easy choice in my view.

Piling on the Lamb jam.

Wait, NON-PPR? Ok, Jacobs.