Would You Trade Swift Now?

I’m hearing the Lions could go RB in the draft as Zak mentioned and trade Swift.
Where is anyone’s guess.

Trade now or hold?

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Except in deeper leagues, I’d trade him.

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IDK, I am tempted but I can drop his cost to a 5th and he is still a top 20 RB.

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He won’t be top 20 if he doesn’t play. David Montgomery will likely be the main starter.

I doubt anybody would make serious offers for Swift right now. So as an owner, I’d probably hold him and hope for the best.

If anybody would pay a top 20 RB price for him, I’d trade him without thinking twice.

To think that, prior to the 2022 season, I offered Ekeler plus a mid 2nd for Swift… Thankfully, the Swift owner rejected the offer.


We were alike again but my trade was accepted. It was for Mixon and also gave me my first pick back who looks to be Gibbs. I don’t see this trade as over.

I took a closer look. Here’s the run down

FP ranks Swift #12 RB in dynasty. None of the 24 experts ranks him below #20.
He ranks 19 in the standard draft ranks

Last season, he ranked #22 RB in scoring with 167 points with missing 3 games and used little in others.
He had only 99 carries and only 3 games with more than 8. He had 48 of 70 targets on passes. Combined for over 900 yards and 8 TDs with Williams.

I think all of the above qualifies Swift as a top 20 RB. I’m gonna hold to see how the draft and trade options shake out.

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As a backup RB in fantasy, I’d love to have him. If he’s one of my main starters, and David Montgomery is playing, I’m in trouble. Swift is a situational piece with upside, plus an injury history.

Montgomery did not impress me much last year. A RB split could work well for both. It’s not what I planned for Swift but works as a worst case for me. I expect Etienne and Robinson as the top two with Gibbs, Akers and Swift as a very strong bench if kept.

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