Mixon + for Swift- Offer Opinions- Change

I offered Mixon and Jamaal Williams for Ekeler to Jack from this forum who also plays in our league. Who would get the better deal?

Changed to Swift even up and is a done deal.


Knowing who you offered would be a great place to start your journey to discovery.

Yes, it has been edited.

Offer cancelled. I got an agreement on Swift for Mixon and made it effective after the games.

I went back and forth 97 times on drafting Mixon or Swift. I “think” I am correcting my mistake, especially in the long term.

Your opinions?

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This is a MUCH better trade for you! The other one, I was about to congratulate Jack for robbing you.

Swift is an incredibly good deal now. The Detroit offense is clicking on all cylinders, even as their defense makes every game a shootout. Getting the RB in that show is a great deal!

Things fell in place and I also have his handcuff in Williams. Bad for me is that is two roster spots with Swift out this week and both on bye next week. I am going with the deal now.

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I got younger with the better OL and Swift has 3 weeks off to come back for 11 weeks n fantasy. Add in Eli Mitchell coming off IR in week 10 for 7 weeks of fantasy after 8 weeks off and I “should” have two top RBs rested and good to go for the playoffs. Now, just have to make the playoffs.