Worst Trade Ever Club

I feel soo bad for poor Zak benching Jacobs for a game which will cost him nothing. I traded the guy after 3 weeks and it has been costing me since.

Jacobs did not start out well with 7 and 8 points. He had 12 in week 3 when I made the trade. Akers had 10 and I thought he would do better long term.

Dead wrong and have been hearing about it since but, poor Zak. :slight_smile:

I have made MANY a trade over many a year and this was far and away my worst.

Who else had one and wants to join the club? Misery does love company.

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I traded away Justin Fields before the season. In my defense, it looked like the new Bears coaching staff and GM weren’t going to support him this year. They traded away Allen Robinson, and only drafted Velus Jones, leaving Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet as the only real receiving options for Fields. They took their sweet time making the Claypool deal.

I think I either got Davis Mills and some draft picks, or Jameis Winston and some draft picks. Either way, it was a bad deal in hindsight.

In my SFLEX dynasty, I traded Jacobs away for Brian Robinson and a 2023 2nd. Can’t say I’m too happy with that trade right now.

However, the final verdict will come next year. I had projected Jacobs to have a strong season. Not #1 RB strong, but still. Question is where he will play next year.

Still, there’s no doubt I could have gotten a lot more for Jacobs if I had waited to trade him. Not to mention that I could certainly use him for the playoffs.


Thanks Zak, misery does love company and I feel much better now, :slight_smile: