My RB Woes Continue

I made a bad trade with Jacobs for Akers.
I gave up Robinson in another trade who has played well.
Swift, who I traded for, may now be out yet another week.
Mitchell who I stashed on IR is now useless with the CMC trade.
Wilson who was a starter is also useless with the trade.

I’m waiting for Jacobs to beat me by himself this week to add.

Gotta start getting ready for the draft. LOL

There’s always foreman or Hubbard? Foreman looks better on a horrible offense but at least there’s points there

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On the plus side, no SF RB has been able to play in Shanahan’s system for more than a handful of consecutive games without suffering some sort of serious knee injury, and CMC is always one stiff breeze away from a soft tissue injury himself.

So I probly wouldn’t dump Mitchell.

No panic but this trade does put a damper on plans.

I have the youngest team I ever saw with 5 rookies (2 on IR), 6 if you include the red shirt Etienne. Others are all very young. Great for the future but with growing pains. I still planned to challenge now but losing current starter in Wilson and playoff run Mitchell hurts.

I play the top 3 reams in the league next 3 weeks and am only a very disappointing 3-3. I may have to trade a young gun for help.

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I sent you a trade offer. I know how much you love my trade offers!

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I sent you a trade offer. I know how much you love my trade offers!

Yes Ed, your offers brighten my spirits and make my Frackin day.
However, I see you are trying “SHOCK Therapy” in making a fair offer of Dillon for Pickens. LOL

I have to say no for now but could revisit this. I need to see whats up with Swift and I picked up Foreman for free. IF he takes #1 in Carolina could score more.

Also, see Pickens value going up and may go to a 4 WR O with him.

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Well done Ed, that was funny. LOL

Swift is out as is AJ in our league, vs Zak no less. In my other 3 leagues I have at least 3 stars out and my benches are non-existent.

Add in I was moving Friday but one elevator broke down, next. Xfinity transferred my service too early and spent over a F’n hour with 5 departments and 2 stubborn computers to get it back for today,

I should lose all four games to top this weekend off but, would at least like to beat Zak. :slight_smile:

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You got your wish. While Jacobs did his best to tell you how he feels about being traded away, the combo of Goff, St. Brown and Bellinger was impossible to overcome. Congrats for your W!

Thanks but it was all great coaching and D. :slight_smile:

I have the top two in our league next two weeks. I also play the ream I am tied with at 6-1 in another league this week. Guess who their RB is?

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If it’s any consolation: in my SFLEX dynasty, I traded Josh Jacobs away this offseason, for Brian Robinson and an early 2023 2nd. I still think that’s fair value, but especially now after I lost Breece Hall, I certainly wish I would have kept Jacobs.

This week, I’m playing the team I traded him to. And there’s every chance I will lose that matchup. Without Mahomes, Herbert and Ekeler (all BYE) and without Hall (IR), I may have no startable QB. I claimed Brett Rypien last week, and have Bailey Zappe on TAXI, so I can only pray one of them will start. If not, I will have no QB.

Either way, I will have to start a WR on SFLEX. My RBs are Rhamondre and Brian Robinson. The best thing about week 8: my fiercest competitors both lost this week, and are now at 5-2 and 4-3. So even if I lose this week I will still have the #1 seed.


It is funny in what you get to learn about other managers if you take a bit of time to do so.

Last week I beat the 5-0 team from the other division in the other league. I came to find out their manager is Tim from our Cosmic Surfers.

The 6-1 team I play this week is managed by a player whose record is 473-374-1 with 20 trophies and 10 titles. In addition to us the rest of the league has 4 more platinum managers and one diamond.

I knew thew were good and challenging on every move but not this good. It has been fun,

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I started Kenny Walker on my SFLX, and it worked out well for me!

The team I just beat this week? How ironic…

Yes it is Ed, I had a down to the wire 1 point win. We talked just a bit with the Mixon trade he is beating me at Nd his brother Kevin took over Sicarios when I had to replace Joel with problems in Mexico. Good guy and good manager with horrendous luck in our league.

He and his brother stop by to read but have not yet chimed in.

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Sicarios offered me a trade I had to reject yesterday. But glad to see him active.

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I picked up Carter for nothing on a hunch and will start him this week. I don’t see Robinson being featured with little time to learn the O and the Pats D is not the one to play unprepared.

Last year against New England, Michael Carter had 9.8 points and 12.4 points. Good luck.

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He may just be the best waiver pick up this week even with the trade. Robinson has not played well. H e should have his shot this week and thinking the OL will do their best to help one of their own for 2 years.

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