Wish week for everybody

What is the #1 thing you’d like to see happen around the league in the last week of pre-season games?

I’d like the Bucks to give Trask the knod. You already know what you have in Mayfield and he could sub in if Trask falls on his face - which he won’t. His upside personally may be limited in total production, but the value of Trask’s targets will be great going in with that already demonstrated college 9.1 yds per attempt and high completion % for Florida - then demonstrated in the pre-season - for the state he plays pro ball in. This team is built to have the potential upside of making the playoffs, all the way to completely falling on its face and garnering for the top pick next year, where they would eye Caleb Williams. :relieved:

I think that if their FO gave an honest answer they would want the rest of the NFL to “pass the Bucs” to end up with Caleb Williams.

It really isn’t the franchise owner who gets to say first and foremost, because why is he paying the both the GM and coach then?

If anything, it’s in the GM and coaches best interest to make decisions that benefit their employment. It’s my opinion that Trask will do that over Mayfield.

You forgot to leave a wish for the last preseason week in fantasy.