Jones and Dillon on team

I’ve been mocking for a draft I have tonight at the 1.2 spot. I keep getting Jones in the second, taking 3wr in a row and then having Dillon fall to me at the 7.2. Would you take them both? With our system (1rb, 2wr, 2flex) he actually ends up on my bench! He is by far the highest guy on my board at that point, and the WR at this point are the Kadarius types. I feel this is unlikely to happen in the actual draft, but if it did would you pull the trigger? Thanks for any insight!!

You ask for insight with little of no information. Based on the above I could advise IF I was doing the live draft with you. Not gonna happen.

Mocks are meaningless results unless you have a purpose in doing them.
For example, I want to see the “expert” opinion if I draft him and him.

Then two different hims, etc.

You do not dictate to the draft. The draft dictates to you.
You become a counter puncher.

If you’re not getting Henry at 1.2 you’ve lost already, so what does it matter?