Who to trade and for who?

Full PPR, I have Mccaffery, Swift, WIlliams (Handcuff), Pierce, and B. hall. My WR have underperformed, so looking to upgrade. WR are Pittman, D. Johnson, SUtton, and london. Which RB should I trade and for what WR? Considered Mccaff for a top 3 WR, but not sure what will happen with new coach.

I find this sort of question very difficult to answer. We don’t know your league, so if I now told you to trade Dameon Pierce for Gabe Davis, but the Davis owner is stacked on RB, then this won’t get you anywhere.

Look for a team that’s stacked on WR, but has a hole at RB. The Javonte Williams owner could be a potential trade candidate, if he hasn’t addressed the situation yet.

Thats pretty much my strategy. I guess my question should be, which RB would you give up?

That depends on the WR you’re getting back.

Your RB room looks pretty strong.

CMC has been underperforming, but as you said, that might change now. There’s always the injury risk with him, though. I’d wait for a big game or two before trying to trade him, but of course, that can mean he’ll be injured by then.

Swift is a good RB, but he’s injured right now, which makes it a bad time to trade him.

Dameon Pierce is the volume guy, but he’s in a BYE week, so again, not the best time for a trade.

Breece Hall is trending up, so you might get a nice return for him, but you might also trade your best ROS RB away if you sell him.

If you can get a top 10-ish WR with a steady volume for the duo of Swift and Williams, they would probably be my first choice to trade away. But you have to find a team that is interested in them, and then see what WRs they have, that’s why it is so difficult to give advice what WR to aim for.