RB advice please

I unfortunately drafted last weekend (8/20). At the end of the draft, Melvin Gordon was my RB4. Now he’s my RB2 as I’ve lost Dobbins (3rd round) and Etienne (7th). Who do you target as upside RBs to get me through the season? I have the following available on the waiver wire: Singletary, Gallman, Stevenson, Lindsay, McKissic, Bernard, Michel, White, Coleman, Evans, Mattson and Gainwell (feel free to suggest others that are further down based on what you see here). Also, what percentage of your waiver bid do you spend? 10 team non-ppr and my healthy RBs are Montgomery and Gordon.

Yikes, that’s rough.

Bad news first: none of the RBs on your waiver wire is better than Montgomery and Gordon.

Gio Bernard offers the most upside, if your league is half or full PPR. Get him and hope the Bucs will involve him heavily in the passing game.

Rhamondre Stevenson offers some sleeper potential, but it’s a long shot. If you can spare a bench spot, he’s a speculative pick.

Singletary is the highest-ranked of them all. Grab him and hope for a miracle.

Mattison and Michel need injuries to their starting RBs to become relevant.

How much FAAB you spend depends on how much other teams will need any of these players, how deep the rosters are, etc…

You need these players badly, but none of them is very likely to be a league winner. Better options may (or may not) emerge down the road.

Singletary would be my choice as well. Maybe Lindsay or McKissic, if it’s PPR.

Keep an eye on Larry Rountree III and Tony Jones, Jr.–a couple of RB2s who could end up being fantasy relevant.

Thanks for the perspective. I agree none of these guys is an answer. I put small bids in on Singletary, Lindsay, Coleman and Michel. We’ll see what happens. Non-ppr so passed on Gio for the time being but agree with your take in ppr.

Thanks @AxeElf. Nice to hear confirmation.

If you can get Stevenson as your RB4, I would. With Mac Jones starting for the Pats, they will need more run support than just Damien Harris. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stevenson become the goal-line back for them. He’s a load.

What AxeElf said applies too. Rountree and Jones are great adds.

Best advice: get the guys mentioned here now. Then wait until after week 1, and scour your waiver wires for the “next James Robinson”. Some of these guys could be that guy.