Who to Keep for #10?

This is for my 10 keeper league and have 9 locked in. I don’t need anything but a TE (dropping Schultz) having a #6 pick set aside. My WRs are Lamb. A J Brown, London, K Allen and Jameson (susp). My choices:

Mike Williams- 5th round cost. Has league specific side benefits

Marquis Brown- 7th. Murray looking to come back sooner

Kadarus Toney- 16th. Mahomes speaking very highly of him.

Greg Dolcich- 16th. Boring choice but Payton can make him top 6.

Kadarius Toney can be “one of the best receivers” in the NFL

by Garrett Ball | Chiefs Correspondent | Thu, Jul 13th 12:19pm EDT

Kadarius Toney can be “one of the best receivers in the league,” according to quarterback Patrick Mahomes talking to the Associated Press. Mahomes spoke about Toney’s difference-making ability and how they’re excited to see what he can do with a full off-season with the team under his belt. (Pro Football Talk)

Toney in the 16th?

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