Who Should I take as my keeper’s ? Pick 2 PPR

CEH and McLaurin. I’m not crazy about CEH at 10, but he is better than your other options.

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CEH a keeper in the first Round ?

Roger’s and Terry.

Roger’s is pissed like last year he’s a bitter F. He will prove it again that he’s the man.

With Fritz throwing the ball in Washington I expect Terry to have even a better year. Look at what he did with DeVante Parker.

Good luck

Rodgers worries me. As Pete mentioned, he’s pissed. But will that help him or hinder him, in the “I don’t want to be here” sense? We’ll see.

If the CEH pick worries you because it’s too high, another option might be Parker. Tua should be better this season, and Parker could see an uptick in TD’s because of it.

I would say McLaurin and Rodgers with those choices. CEH is too high IMO. Fitz is going to take MC to another level and Rodgers has something to prove before he leaves Green Bay.