Who’s CMC’s handcuff in 1 PPR?

I’m so confused… who’s the handcuff for CMC in 1 PPR? Tyrion Davis Price or Jordan Mason?

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The 49ers really haven’t used TDP this season, except as a relief RB. Since TDP will be active this week, he might get some spot duty just giving CMC a breather. Unless CMC gets hurt, I’m not sure I’d want either TDP or Mason. Neither of them has really impressed, although Mason has looked somewhat better in limited appearances.

If CMC goes down, I’d look for a replacement somewhere else.

Tevin Coleman, who should be activated soon.

Niner fan here, and it is a crapshoot though my money is on Mason. TDP hasn’t sniffed the field and Mason has actually looked really good–Shanahan seems to trust him, which is the #1 trait to have if you play for the Niners. I would bet he and Coleman should be the two backs activated

You will need that n more my friend