CMC to the Niners

McCaffrey is now a 49er.

The race to pick up Hubbard and Foreman is on…

If you’ve been stashing Eli Mitchell on IR for six weeks, sorry 'bout that.

I just don’t see the value in CMC as a 49er. I’m not saying he won’t put up good numbers, just that being on the 49ers isn’t going to make him that much better.

Well, since he was a top 5 pick in every draft in the world this year–and he’s widely considered THE top PPR RB when healthy–there wouldn’t be much room for improvement anyway.

His owners probly just hope that he doesn’t get WORSE–and mostly that he doesn’t succumb to an offensive system that hasn’t seen a RB go through more than a handful of consecutive games without injury (or the occasional mystery benching) in what, four or five years? McKinnon, Mostert, Mitchell, Wilson, who else? Nobody stays healthy at RB in this offense, and CMC is always a good stiff breeze away from a soft tissue injury anyway.

And he did this on Carolina, a team without much else to distract defenses from stacking on him. Now he goes to the 49ers…without much else to distract defenses from stacking on him. And if you bring up Deebo, I’ll bring up DJ Moore. QB-wise, Jimmy G. isn’t that big an improvement over Carolina’s rotating “QB of the week”.

I axually think Aiyuk will benefit more from the addition of CMC than Deebo will, but I’m curious–in what capacity would you compare top 10 WR Deebo Samuel with the current WR53, DJ Moore?

Do you still expect Deebo or Aiyuk to get the looks they had before, now that CMC is there? Expect the WR’s on San Francisco to see reduced targets with CMC there.

If CMC is injured, as has been known to happen, Mitchell may yet have a part to play.

As a Deebo owner. I love this. I think the receivers are going to benefit from this addiction.
Moore had over 1100 yards with CMC there even Anderson had a good year, his only one over 1000 yards and with a mixed bag of QBs. He stays healthy and picks up the offense quickly and it good for all. Hell even Kittle can get going now.

A good portion of Deebo’s production comes from his dual role as a runner/receiver out of the backfield. Exactly the role that CMC plays.

Yes, skill position players can benefit from the addition of other top players, if they draw defensive attention away. But CMC and Deebo profile too similarly. I see a big risk here that they will cancel out each other’s upside.

CMC will see less targets, Deebo less work out of the backfield. For the NFL Niners, this can be a big addition. For the fantasy Niners, it could spell trouble.

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That’s why we play this stupid game. No one’s knows what can happen., I agree there are risks, but ones I think most are willing to take to win

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Absolutely. I would not bet any money on my own analysis. Maybe CMC is the key to unlocking the Niners offense big time.

Here’s Deebo’s per-game stat line after 6 games played:
4.5 catches off 8 targets, 12.8 YPR, 0.33 receiving TDs (2 total)
4 rush attempts, 5.9 YPA, 0.167 rushing TDs (1 total)
13.3 half-PPR PPG

Let’s see if this will go up, down or remain unchanged. My guess is, it will go down. His production won’t fall off a cliff, but his PPG average will drop by around 1.5.

CMC’s per-game averages in Carolina were:
5.5 catches off 7.2 targets, 8.4 YPR, 0.167 receiving TDs (1 total)
14.17 rush attempts, 4.5 YPA, 0,33 rushing TDs (2 total)

This one is harder to predict. My best guess is that he may see fewer targets, but there is a chance he could score more TDs. He scored 17.2 half-PPR PPG so far, and if he gets the TDs, he may be able to hold that stat line, or even improve it. Without more TDs, his PPG average is also likely to drop slightly, though.

Let’s bookmark this thread and look back at it in 6-8 weeks. As I said, I am not 100% sure about this myself. The Niners were difficult enough to project before the acquisition of CMC already.

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Absolutely. This is a great experiment to bookmark

Y’all are worried about how the pie will be sliced, but you’re ignoring the likelihood of a bigger pie. Better offenses stay on the field longer, and thus run more plays.

San Francisco currently ranks 25th in the NFL in plays per game, with just under 60. Philadelphia, unsurprisingly, as the only undefeated team in the league, ranks first with just over 70. An extra 6-8 plays per game can mean big numbers for playmakers like CMC, Deebo and Aiyuk.

That said, San Francisco hasn’t had the most difficult schedule to this point:

Chicago 2-4
Seattle 3-3
Denver 2-4
LA Rams 3-3
Carolina 1-5
Atlanta 3-3

Cumulative record of their opponents is 14-22, with no team above .500–and SF is only 3-3 themselves. Things are about to get real on their schedule–coming up:

Chiefs 4-2
Rams 3-3
Chargers 4-2

Cumulative record of next 3 opponents: 11-7, with no team under .500–so this is definitely an interesting situation to watch.