Who Is Your #5 Player

The fantasy guys over at CBS asked earlier this year to name an impact player drafted after #5 as many fans are obsessed with later picks,

We did not come up with many at all over the years. As a follow up, who is your #5 player? Would you call them an impact player?

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Are we talking round 5 or pick 5 here?

Round 5 and also just your #5 player on the roster.

My best after 5th round pick is easily London in the 11th. FYI Jacobs was a 9th and Eli was 10th.

He may well be my 5th best overall but recent trade Kirk has it for now.

This poll is prejudiced against advanced players who have graduated to auction drafts.

It should include who was your best pick under $10.

I got Amon-Ra for $9, $8 and $4 in 3 of my 5 auction leagues ($14 and $17 in the other two).

He was pretty much my must-have WR this season, representing one of, if not the best draft value out there.

Not counting trades or free agent acquisitions…

Jalen Hurts in the 5th round, as well as my fifth player taken, in my home redraft league.

In the South Beach League, I got Hurts for even cheaper, with a 6th round pick. That’s one that will pay for itself for years to come.

In my Twitter redraft league, I’ll have to go with Chris Olave in the 10th round.

In one of my rookie dynasty drafts, I got Brian Robinson as my 5th pick in the 3.06 round. So far, still hopeful.

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ED, Hurts was a really good pick, so far better than My Herbert bottom of 5.
You also got me on Hall over Etienne in the 4th for now. Well done.

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Thank you sir! Hall is going to be a great one for a few years.

He certainly has the talent. The concern of this Hall owner is more about his team, though.

As for my best #5-or-later redraft picks:

Hall in the 6th
Olave in the 9th

Amon-Ra in the 5th

Waddle in the 5th
Amon-Ra in the 6th
Olave in the 10th
Freiermuth in the 11th

Would I call them impact players?

Waddle, definitely, though we have to wait and see how the QB situation will turn out. I wouldn’t bet outrageous amounts on Tua returning any time soon. In my SFLEX dynasty, I added Skylar Thompson to my TAXI squad.

Amon-Ra, yes, at least so far. We have to see what a return of Jameson Williams will mean for his volume, but I’m not super concerned right now. If I had him in any of my dynasty leagues, I’d consider him a sell-high right now, though.

Olave, not yet, but he’s on a good way. Again, the QB situation needs monitoring, though it looks like Olave will also work with Andy Dalton under center.

Freiermuth, definitely, and he’s even trending up, now that Pickett took over. Pitts went in the 4th in that league, I got Muuth in the 11th - jackpot.