Impact Draft after 5th Round & QB Value

I did this before with the trio at CBS Fantasy and it is interesting. Last year or now.

Just list you Impact players picked after the 5th round? It ain’t easy, there are few

Also, list your value of a QB in today’s fantasy?

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An impact player is subjective. Just use your own judgement.

Last year, I had Eli Mitchell who did impact and he was off waivers. Holywood Brown did as well but only the first half.

I see QB value in the 5th or 6th round. That is where and when you should find most all other than Allen. Waiting past that is risky.

I have played drafts and read/talked with many of the over 100 fantasy experts on this site as well as CBS, PFF, etc, and they ALL agree. Anyone saying differently, in my view and mostly all, is off (shall we say). :slight_smile:

They all agree what–that an impact player is subjective?

No, that QB’s are high value 5th to 6th rounds other than Allen.

QBs in the double-digit rounds are even higher values.

How many are paying you for your opinions?

Everyone lucky enough to be learning at the feet of the master in one of Axe Elf’s leagues.

Outside of league entry fees, however, Axe Elf never accepts monetary compensation for his winning advice; that is done from the bottom of his philanthropist’s heart, out of a sincere desire to see others be (almost) as successful as Axe Elf.

In non-dynasty, I was able to grab both Derek Carr and Jameis Winston after round 5. In one superflex league, the two of them make a great streaming flex, with Jalen Hurts holding down the main spot.

Of course, in the South Beach league, I managed to grab Jalen Hurts in the 6th round, which was a HUGE steal! Giving me the week 1 QB5 in the 6th round? You guys are aces!

In my Twitter-based single QB league, I couldn’t get Jalen Hurts because somebody decided to draft all Eagles for his team, and took Hurts first (I beat him in week 1). But I managed to get Carr and Winston in later rounds, and built up a nice team in those earlier rounds.

Speaking of South Beach, I picked up Jerry Jeudy in the 10th round, and he was the difference maker for me in the 1st week. I was 5 points behind, going against a team with Courtland Sutton. One 67 yard td pass to Jeudy, and I won! Jeudy is easily my WR2, and can’t get much cheaper for that than the 10th round.

Can’t wait to see how this ages.

Yeah Ed, the 6th was 5 QB’s I think in Your top vale in Hurts, Jackson, Murray, Burrow, Bradley with Herbert one pick before. On average that is the cut off point to have someone good.

My cut off is six QB’s this year with Murray being the line.

Three QBs you could get way later than Murray, who will finish with more fantasy points than Murray:

  1. Kirk Cousins
  2. Jameis Winston
  3. Marcus Mariota

You’re welcome.