Choosing Your Draft Spot

12-team Non-PPR. We can chose our draft spot. I have 2nd selection. Assuming the first guy chooses #1, I am entertaining the possibility of selecting in the 5th spot, rather than staying in the 2.

I am thinking, of McCaffrey, Ekeler, Henry, Harris, and Cook, it is guaranteed that two fall to me and I can make a selection. The 5 spot then allows me an earlier second round pick. This may be helpful, as Jefferson, Kupp, Chase, Diggs, Fournette, Lamb, Deebo, A. Jones, and J. Williams all likely will be kept. So I am thinking it will be important to have that earlier 2nd rounder to start off strong.

Would love to hear peoples’ thoughts.


I don’t really have a preferred draft spot, to be honest. I don’t mind drafting late. The #12 spot means I’m missing out on 11 players, but also that I get 2 out of my top 13, whereas everybody else only gets 1 out of their top 12.

In a keeper league, I like the way you think. Count the number of (available) players you are perfectly fine with drafting in the first round, and then select the spot that reflects that number. The earlier you can draft again in round 2, the better.

Good luck!

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From my perspective, the 5 spot is ideal. Najee will be available there almost certainly, and I like him better than the other 4 you mentioned.

CMC and Ekeler are less valuable in non-PPR, and CMC will likely miss some time this year with another injury (or two or three…). Henry might also have his his age cliff as well, so we’ll see.

Cook isn’t a bad choice. With the Vikings moving more towards a pass-oriented offense, that could cut into the wear and tear on him. But I’d still take Najee first.

And welcome aboard!

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In non-PPR, I would draft as early as I needed to be sure to land Derrick Henry–by far the most valuable asset in non-PPR scoring. Last year was basically the first time Henry has ever had a significant injury–but even after a Jones fracture in his foot sidelined him during his 8th game, Henry was back on the field before the end of the year. He’s an ironman.

And he’s a bellcow. As I mentioned, Henry went down in his 8th game last season. It was two weeks before Jonathan Taylor caught him in fantasy points, and after Week 13, Henry was still 4th in non-PPR scoring among RBs, despite not having played for a month.

This year they lost AJ Brown, so…